The (Researcher’s) Entrepreneur’s Questions about Money

  • Prof. Eoin O'Neill
  • September 2011


Adjunct Professor Eoin O’Neill School of Business, Research and Innovation, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Eoin O'Neill is delivering courses on the MBA & MSC Finance, and general TCD Entrepreneurship Training Programs. Eoin was Director of the Innovation Centre at TCD for twenty years, and then Director of Entrepreneurship until 2008. He has been involved with university spin-outs since 1986, as mentor and director of many SMEs and university led cooperative programs with industry in Ireland and internationally in Japan, Latin America and the USA. He worked on several EU funded programs concerned with financing new ventures over the past ten years with colleagues in Germany, Italy and Spain, and with the former Cluster entrepreneurship group, and REE’s European meetings. Previously he was the Chief Technical Advisor at Ireland’s Department of Energy, and prior to that he worked as a researcher in Chemical Engineering in Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s Pittsburgh Research Centre. Recent contributions were to The University in the Market, Wenner-Gren, Stockholm, 2007 (Intellectual Property in Irish Universities), and editing a series of essays by TCD Professors, “What did you do today, Professor” and to the Fundacion Conocimiento and Desarollo’s Annual Reports, Spain. He has been studying the emergence of venture capital in Ireland since 1999. He was originally trained as a Physical Chemist.

Slide contents

  • The (Researcher’s) Entrepreneur’s Questions about Money
  • The Word on the Street
  • Advice from the Masters
  • Perspectives
  • Characteristics of Researchers (Which ones can you drop?)
  • Continuity from researcher to entrepreneur
  • Business is not Physics
  • A Tale of Two Worlds
  • - Friends Fools and Family
  • Example of an Exception
  • State Agencies: Five sources Halo, Enterprise Boards, EI, Seed and Venture Funds, InterTrade Ireland
  • Early Stage Venture funds
  • How does a Seed/VC Fund work
  • What are the economics of VC
  • Exception: Bubbles
  • Repeated questionnaire in 2011 (Voigt)
  • How to get money from the VC: your perspectives
  • What do the VCs want to see?
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • When do you go to talk with them?
  • The Message for you
  • Who’s been getting money
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • Risk Capital in Ireland
  • How much money is waiting to invest?