Pól Mac Aonghusa


Pól Mac Aonghusa is a Senior Manager at the IBM Research Laboratory, in Dublin Ire-land. The labroatory is charged with spearheading IBM Research activities in Smarter Ur-ban Systems.

In his current role, Pól leads several research teams, including the Urban Information Management and Exascale Systems groups.

Before this Pól led several emerging technology projects, including Smartbay (www.smartbay.ie) an environmental sensing research program, collecting live sensor data from the Atlantic Coast of Ireland for research purposes. Smartbay was named as one of the 100 Icons of Progress in 2011 (www.ibm.com/ibm100/us/en/icons/smarterwater/).

Prior to joining IBM Research, Pól managed the EMEA Cloud Computing Laboratory for IBM. This team was responsible for working with clients to build Cloud-based solutions and infrastructures. As the EMEA leader for IBM's Cloud Computing division, Pól was a senior leader in the IBM High Performance On-demand worldwide team creating IBM's next generation technology offerings.

One of the interesting IBM projects Pól led during this time, helped charities in Asia, Af-rica and South America to deploy IT support for Microfinance. The Dublin team used the IBM Cloud platform to deliver sclable IT services across the world from Dublin.

Pól joined IBM as a Software Developer over 20 years ago at the IBM Software Devel-opment Laboratory, Dublin. During his IBM career Pól has held key Management, Tech-nical & Consultant positions in IBM's Software, Services and Industry & Research divi-sions.

Pól works regularly with IBM's major clients around the world across multiple industry sectors and is a regular spealer at industry and academic conferences on innovative ap-proaches and new business models associated with Innovation, Collaboration and Open Data.