Creativity Inspired Innovation

  • Prof. Peter Kelly
  • September 2011


Prof Peter Kelly Award Winning Entrepreneurship Educator and Practitioner, Aalto University, Helsinki

Professor Peter Kelly is an award winning entrepreneurship educator and practitioner. He obtained his PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School (UK) and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame (USA). He gave the “InterTradeIreland Innovation Lecture 2011” in March this year, titled “Rethinking Business Models: Creativity Inspired Innovation”.

Slide contents

  • Creativity Inspired Innovation:
  • - What Can We Learn From Wile E Coyote?
  • - Analytical Thinkers PLAN
  • Analytical Thinkers Fire Up Excel
  • - What do we teach?
  • Traditional Roadmap
  • Does Traditional Roadmap Work?
  • Does Traditional Roadmap Work?
  • Search and Select Strategy
  • How Could You Predict?