Converting excellent research into economic benefit

  • Dr Paul Dodd
  • September 2011


Dr. Paul Dodd Director, Industry Collaborative Programmes, Science Foundation Ireland

Paul Dodd has a background in nanoscale material science and applied physics and has worked at the interface between industry, academia and government for over 20 years in a variety of roles. Since joining SFI in 2005 he has held a number of positions including Scientific Programme Officer in Information and Communication Technology, Head of Industry Research Development and is now Director of Industry Collaborative Programmes. In his current role Paul is responsible for overseeing and developing SFI’s funding programmes that foster industry-academic collaboration, including the Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), Strategic Research Clusters (SRC) and a number of other initiatives. Prior to joining SFI Paul worked in the data storage industry with Seagate Technology where he held a number of positions in Engineering Management and Research and Development . Previously Paul held university based research positions at Queen’s University Belfast and also at Trinity College Dublin. Paul spent 2009 and 2010 on secondment with IDA Ireland in the USA. Based in silicon valley, California he worked as ICT R&D Technologist focusing specifically on R&D related investment opportunities. He interacted with senior R&D executives at a significant number of global ICT companies and also university leaders at some of the best research institutions across the US. Paul holds a BA Moderatorship in Science of Materials from Trinity College Dublin (1991), and an MSc for research in thin film GMR materials also from Trinity (1993). He was awarded a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast (1999) for a thesis on nanoscale magnetic materials and devices with applications in magnetic recording head technologies.

Slide contents

  • - Converting excellent research into economic benefits
  • Talk Overview
  • - IDA's Global Operations
  • IDA Ireland – Sectoral & Activity Focus
  • - ICT R&D Technologist
  • SFI / IDA R&D Showcase Event Stanford University
  • - SF Bay Area and Silicon Valley
  • - SV Top Companies and People
  • - The World according to... Steve Blank
  • - Historical Timeline
  • - So What is Unique
  • The Network effect –an example Cisco “architecture” for strategic sensitivity
  • - What about other People?
  • - The World according to... Steve Blank
  • US Venture Capital 2009/2010
  • US Venture Capital 2009/2010 – what are the hot emerging areas for investment?
  • What do VC’s see as most important factors influencing company creation, investment and growth?
  • - Technology Clustering Evident in Other US Locations
  • IDA Sample Technology Clients
  • Key Learnings (personal opinion!)
  • - Questions?